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Digital Signage

The SM5KB Series, webOS signage, allows for customized apps that are easy to create using LG’s Software Development Kit. Its built-in WiFi and SoC reduces the total cost of ownership and simplifies installation, which allow you to manage content more conveniently.

  • Quad Core SoC
  • The High Performance SoC can execute several tasks at the same time and provides smooth content playback.

  • Detachable Logo
  • Portrait mode allows the logo to be positioned in the desired to be positioned in the desired setting.

  • webOS
  • The webOS 2.0 platform provides powerful and convenient tools to create content, including app development materials and support for various operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS).

Video Wall

LG’s super narrow video wall solutions make various formats of display possible. It can be extended easily, allowing you to generate effective attraction.

  • Super Narrow Bezel
  • 47" super narrow bezel 4.9mm and 55" super narrow bezel 3.5mm video wall displays create visually stunning digital wall that is easily installed, maintained and managed.

  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • IPS panels have the better control of liquid crystal and in consequence, it allows you to watch the screen virtually at any angle.

  • Temperature Resistant Panel Temperature
  • SuperSign V for Dynamic Layout

  • Use given templates to configure video wall layout easily
  • Rotate, cut and edit content according to a defined layout

  • Flexible content editing in various layouts is viable
  • Scheduled-based content playback based on time and day

  • Distribute content to media players as well
  • FREE SuperSign C for Advanced Color
  • Intuitive GUI in SuperSign C S/W allows to measure and adjust color and brightness instantly on display

  • Automatic white balancing of a video-wall display using a sensor
  • FREE SuperSign C for Remote Monitor and Intuitive GUI-based Remote Monitoring & Control via the networks and RS232 connection feature in SuperSign C S/W.

PRO:Centric Smart

Provide your guests with the smart solution for a better hotel stay. Stunning design improves the ambiance in any hotel room while innovative TV technology offers customers easy-to-use and extensive options to improve their stay.

Ultra Stretch Signage

Ultra Stretch 86BH5C is a new signage format with 58:9 widescreen that can display dynamic content depending on the user’s installation environment. (e.g. airports, subways, banks, art galleries, or retail stores) This product is also a work of structural art in itself that can be seen as digital decor.

OLED Signage

With cutting-edge OLED technology, LG Electronics introduces an innovative Dual-view Flat OLED Signage that has perfect picture quality and revolutionary pencil-thin design, adding artistic value to its display functionality.

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