LED Screen Supplier in the Philippines

Posted on Friday, February 5, 2016

INEWVATION Philippines Corporation is one of the leaders in LED Screen supply – advertising innovation and creativity. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest products and up-to-date technologies to ensure you have a  smooth-sailing experience in meeting your business’ needs and assuring your vision is met with excellence.

Here at INEWVATION, we believe in our mantra “Where Quality is Everything”. All efforts are being made to exemplify this in our work every step of the way. As such we have made it one of our goals to become the leader company among LED Suppliers in the Philippines.

times square's led billboards


We make sure to conduct meticulous research and intelligently plan the brand’s visual identity and interface that will meet the goals of our clients. Each project is different, and therefore must be bespoke for the client.


Flexibility is and always has been our strong point, which helps us meet each of our client’s goals. We conceptualize the brand’s structure while developing an interactive design according to the client’s requirements.


You can be assured that the items you purchased are handled with utmost care. Deliveries are promptly and safely transported to you.


Our technical support team is proven to be composed of reliable experts in their given field and is more than capable to assist you with the installation process.

After Sales Service

We also provide the best after-sales service and thorough maintenance for every project. In line with this, you can also reach us through our 24/7 hotline service with 4 hours response time (in Metro Manila).

What is LED Advertising?

Technology plays an important role in our everyday lives. As it evolves with time, it continues to change how things work in business and marketing. The people here at INEWVATION are dedicated to not only keep up with the changes, but also strive for new innovations and become pioneers in their own right.

LED (Light Emitting Diode), is one of the go-to technologies used in outdoor advertising. The effectivity of LED billboards is evidenced by its widespread existence in major cities all over the world, such as in New York City, Las Vegas, and Shibuya – the Tokyo Metropolis. This media format is able to increase your brand identity, and market your product and business effectively.

The major benefit from LED Advertising is that not only are they visible, they are extremely eye-catching due to its impressive brightness and playback properties. It would be hard for anyone not to shift their attention to it upon even glancing it.

Moreover, LED advertising can also be customized based on the designated time frame and can be strategically targeted for your intended audience. For example, you can reach your designated audience on a certain schedule. Let’s say you want young professionals to be informed of your event. You can preview your advertisement of the event during rush hour which will clearly gain attention from a mass number of employees on the way home from work. As long as the ad is relevant for your audience, it’ll catch on to them.

LED advertising serves as a relatively quick form of information dissemination. This is a huge advantage if you have numerous products and accompanying information that need to be broadcasted constantly and immediately. It lessens the expenses on putting up print advertisements for each of your products. This method is easily manageable depending on how frequent you want to show each product or service within a given time frame.

LED advertising continues to grow as a medium and we, at INEWVATION, are proud to be one of the pioneers of indoor and outdoor LED advertising. We are ready to provide you with the newest technologies for all your digital advertising needs.

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