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Posted on Friday, February 5, 2016

In a rapidly changing world where progress and advancements are taking center stage, technology is king, and it has absolutely no intention of dethroning itself anytime soon. One of the examples of this constant change is our penchant for replacing everything with screens. This is especially evident here in the Philippines – in particular the advertising industry. Once upon a time, advertisers used to completely rely on printed material to promote their campaigns. Since then, LED screens in the Philippines and digitized media have overtaken it due to the latter’s more versatile nature.

LED screens are visual displays which use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and work by manipulating its light (or in some cases, a liquid crystal display) in order to form the images one sees on the screen.

piccadilly circus' many led billboards

Easily Catch People’s Attention through LED Screen Billboards

Images produced in this manner are usually crisp, vivid, and infinitely colorful, due in part to the LED’s natural ability to shine brightly without consuming too much electricity. Digital billboards are also extra eye-catching and are more capable of displaying a wider array of varying dynamic content, in addition to also being able to render more colors. Coupled with moving elements and animations, it’s a surefire way for one’s ad to attract potential customers by drawing their attention almost immediately.

This makes them ideal for use in outdoor locations that include but are not limited to: store signages, destination signages, billboards, posters, and the like because they possess greater readability as opposed to the traditional printed versions of these materials. It also doesn’t hurt that LED screens are extremely affordable, and in fact, they actually help save money in the long run. Some of its other advantages over printed media include being able to loop multiple ads, the ability to change content very quickly, resistance to normal wear and tear (unlike vinyl), and perhaps best of all, not having printing or installation costs.

Inewvation Philippines Corporation Provides the Best Advertising Solutions

Here at Inewvation Philippines Corporation, we prioritize providing our customers with only the best, most efficient and up-to date advertising solutions and technologies. As one of the primary, go-to brands when it comes to digital marketing in both the indoor and outdoor advertising world, we make sure to provide only the best quality service and support during all phases of purchase, which of course includes the after-sales service. Our highly competent sales executives and technical support staff will ensure a smooth product experience and will offer assistance whenever needed, although it’s worth noting that the products themselves are already made to be hassle-free on their own already.

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