LED Displays in the Philippines – Creative and Functional

Posted on Friday, February 5, 2016

Choosing the right platform to advertise your business can be quite overwhelming. Here at INEWVATION, we can help you make informed decisions and cater to all your needs – worry not, for our Advertising Solutions can keep up with the latest trends in technology. We focus on leading you to the future of advertising by offering the best products and the newest technologies. And we are proud to be one of the pioneers of indoor and outdoor LED Displays.

One of the best products that we offer in our line of top notch LED Advertising products is our one of a kind LED Display. LED Displays in the Philippines have served its purpose by providing with outdoor signages that help promote brand awareness for businesses to people on the go. From their daily routine of travelling from place to place, people can see LED Displays almost everywhere we go!

led billboards

What are LED Displays?

LED Displays are flat panel displays that utilize an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels used for video display. Display technology is applied in industrial production, military, medical units and public security system and even in the aerospace industry! Display Technology poses a vital role because it has become a modern life indispensable technology for the society. They are manufactured in a full range of colors with appropriate mixing schemes that generates billions of colors. Unlike normal TV Screens or Plasma Screens that are expensive and easily scratched, LED Displays are energy efficient. The best part about this awesome technology is its high quality performance at an affordable price. If installed and utilized properly, LED displays can reach 100,000 hours of lifetime, or about 24/7 use for a whopping 11 years!

The Purpose of LED Display

From young kids to adults, almost anyone can bear witness to the glorious benefits the LED Displays offer. The best thing about them is that they are very outdoor efficient – built and tailored to be showcased outdoors for everyone to see. Its screen is waterproof; sun-proof and dust-proof too. They offer eye-catching dynamic content that advertisers have always dreamed of when it comes to presenting products or services. The size and brightness can instantly draw the attention of anyone who passes by. LED Display have been widely used in large scale event places such as sports venues and arenas, financial markets (real-time stock, exchange rate etc.), post & telecommunication companies, and so many more. One of the better purposes they serve is through traffic management. No matter what weather condition persists, they function efficiently providing you with clear, bright, and useful information for the traveling public.

LED Displays to Optimize Your Business’ Success

There are tons of reasons why LED display has become one of the top mediums in advertising now, and it is bound to stay on top because of these simple yet astounding reasons. LED Display is time efficient, has a long life span, no warm-up period, can’t be affected by any temperature, has exceptional color rending and is environment-friendly.
Whether it’s a product or service you’re offering, people WILL know if you utilize LED Displays! With the the very loquacious imagery the LED Display brings, surely it will catch and retain the attention of anyone that passes by.
LED displays can help your business in several different ways. It eludes your digital screens with that ‘wow’ factor. It also creates a wider area for viewing with the sign displays. Along with super low operating costs and superior energy efficiency and flexible installation of ultra-thin screens, you can be sure that it will be worth your time, effort, and money.

For Your LED Display Needs

We aim to provide you with the LED Displays you need to showcase to the world what your business has to offer. Rest assured that we will be providing not only the best product for your requirements but also a very competitive after sales service by our competent group of sales executives and technical support. Contact us by logging in on our website at http://inewvation.ph/ also you can check out our Facebook page. Don’t hesitate to call us because together we can make your future brighter than ever!

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