LED Digital Advertising in the Philippines: The Future

Posted on Friday, February 5, 2016

In sci-fi movies a few decades ago, the future was usually portrayed as an era with looming skyscrapers, flying cars, and giant screens across the city. Now take a look around and you’ll see that those elements of an envisioned future are slowly but surely becoming a reality – especially the screens. In fact, we already have a name for such technology – LED screens.

That technology is now being used in advertising, an industry that is geared towards helping businesses expand their reach. There are many companies under this industry, but perhaps the biggest and most recognized in the considerably new field of LED Digital Advertising in the Philippines is no other than INEWVATION. And we here, at Inewvation, promise you a world-class LED Digital Advertising service.

times square's many led billboards

What is LED Digital Advertising?

LED Digital Advertising, as its name suggests, is the use of LED screens for advertising, the art of making a particular product or service known to an audience and persuading that audience to purchase that product or avail of that service. And ever since 1992, the year LED screens were developed, the art of LED digital advertising has been on the rise.

Why Go For LED Advertising?

LED digital advertising is considered as one of the most popular and most sought-after forms of advertising there is in the market, as it has a lot of advantages over traditional billboards. One of these would be that this form of electronic advertisement, unlike the usual printed billboard ads that only have static images, allows you to show more than one kind of advertisement. In addition, you can also have animated ads, which are a lot more attention-catching than the usual printed ads.

LED billboards are also a lot more colorful and vivid as compared to print ads, as the clear and crisp images, which are digitally enhanced and rendered, are projected by powerful flat screens. And as an additional advantage, LED billboards are a lot more visible, especially in the dark, as compared to printed billboards.

Who We Are

We are INEWVATION, a company that specializes in advertising solutions that follows the many technological demands and trends in the world of advertising, making our LED advertising relevant, fresh, and one of the best and most sought-after both locally and abroad. With the many advantages LED advertising has over more traditional forms, rest assured that you can have better exposure and revenue.

As proof of our excellence and commitment, we have had very prominent brands as our customers. Here are a few big names we have had provided services for: ABS-CBN, one of the leading stations in local TV; SM, the biggest mall chain in the country; and Globe, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the Philippines.

If you wish to experience for yourself how effective our services can be, you may contact us through the following:

Landline: (632)355-INEW (4639), (632)355-9585
Email: info@inewphilippines.com, sales@inewphilippines.com
Office Address: Unit 201-203 2/F Meriton One Building 1668 Quezon Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Inewvation welcomes you to the future of LED advertising. And the future is bright, clear, and digital.

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