The Magic of LED Billboard Advertising in the Philippines

Posted on Friday, February 5, 2016

As a child, one of your earliest memories may be seeing a giant, smiling woman holding a bottle of soda, enticing you to purchase one on your next stop. As you grew older, these ads changed as they were no longer just print but short video spurts, alluring and inviting you to get a taste. These are LED billboards, which are classified as out of home advertising.

A billboard is one of the most effective ways to showcase your product or service to the rest of the world. You need to raise your advertising game to the next level and to keep up with this fast paced world if you want your brand to continue being relevant. The best way to do that is through LED Billboard advertising.

new york times square led billboards

What are LED Billboards?

If it weren’t for the 1907 discovery of Electroluminescence by Englishman H.J. Round, we might not have LED billboards today. LED stands for light emitting diodes. Also called Digital Billboards, LED billboards have millions of these tiny lights, all functioning together to create a video or image for you to see and appreciate. Each light becomes a pixel, contributing to the clarity and color of the advertisement.

Why LED Billboards?

For years, LED billboards have been replacing print billboards as the primary form of out of home advertising. Proof of this is the growing number of LED billboards in the Times Square, New York City where the world’s largest LED billboard can be seen. Just how big is it? Let’s just say it covers a whole city block. Isn’t that enormous? But why the increase? Let’s put it this way: it was found out in a survey that up to 65% of people believe in the power of digital signages as they think it is more eye catching than your plain, static signages. With this significant percentage, you know you have a steady audience for your ads.

The average attention span of people nowadays is 8 seconds. That might be surprising and a bit worrying to know as an advertiser, but it can absolutely work perfectly for LED billboard advertising. Advertisements need not be long as you have to consider the traffic and movement of the vehicles on the road. Because billboards are gigantic, it will be hard for motorists not to take notice immediately; and since people are always on-the-go, a longer ad should not be needed.

Of course, the success of your advertisement can also depend on your design, something which Inewvation can gladly help you out with as we can design an ad that can best represent your business. You can even time your ads, slotting them for the morning rush hour or the night. That’s the magic of LED billboards in the Philippines.

Why Choose Inewvation?

Why settle for something plain and static when you can have something more
eye-catching? Inewvation is the best choice if you’re interested in getting an ad space on an LED Billboard. We have a team of experts who are trained not just here in the Philippines but in other countries around Asia as well. Every design we churn out for your advertisement is creative and unique— we make sure that we are able to help you create a brand awareness campaign that will come out on top.

Grab a phone and call us up on our trunkline, (632) 355-INEW (4639) or on our direct line, (632) 355-9585. You may also email us at or Curious about our products? Check them out at our showroom located at Unit 201-203 2/F Meriton One Building 1668 Quezon Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City

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