Increasing Visibility in LED Billboard Advertising

Posted on Monday, May 30, 2016

Get your brand out there, and increase your brand’s visibility with LED suppliers in the Philippines. But is there any proof that digital signage boosts your visibility? Here are statistics to convince you that LED advertising and digital signage is the way to go.

According to Grand View Research (1), the digital signage industry is expected to grow and hit an excess of $20 billion by the year 2020. It is very clear that companies see digital signage as necessary part of their advertising. It is also worthy to note that according to a research done by Arbitron (2), 83% of people remember seeing an ad from a digital signage in the last 30 days. That’s a higher recall rate than any other kind of traditional media.

Another research shows that using digital signage in corporate internal communications catches 400% more views than traditional still displays (3). As more people see the sign, more people become informed. This is also useful for educational institutions and facilities for displaying announcements and emergency information. Healthcare can also benefit from digital signs such as queue management system, because it can keep patients informed, and distracted, which can lower their anxiety and also psychologically reduce the waiting time. Displays which show engagement with the customer also improve their experience with your brand.



Ever see a big static, lit up billboard on the side of the street advertising a product from a specific store? Sometimes, it might make you want to buy and try out that product. Based on a research by the FedEx Office (4), 8 out of 10 customers entered a shop because their sign caught their attention and interest, which means that digital advertisements can be a big influence on customer attraction. Because of digital signs, footfall, which is defined as the number of people who enter a store in a given amount of time, can also rise to 24% (5), and 88% of brands experienced as much as 33% increase in sales (6). It’s also been proven that digital menus lift sales up 5% (7) especially when the product has an appeal to pleasure.



When it comes to restaurants, people prefer a menu that is easier to read, and digital signs offer owners options to experiment with many and different types of content design, saving them money because there is no need to keep reprinting menus (8).

However, just because you put a sign out there, doesn’t mean it’s going to be effective, so here are some rules to make your sign work.

Placement; put your sign where you know you’ll reach your audience.

Content; make your content stand out and relevant. It is important that your sign is easy to read and is pleasing to the eyes. A dynamic or animated sign catches more attention and engage customers longer than static ones.

Reliability; your sign should be strong, does not have to be turned off or rebooted after a certain amount of time to continue working.

Give LED advertising a try. Engage with your customers and give them a powerful experience with your brand.

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