Environmental Advertising: LED Billboards

Posted on Friday, May 6, 2016

LED Billboard Advertising in the Philippines is gaining a lot of popularity because it has a lot of impressive advantages. LED billboards have been cited as one of the fastest ways to catch the attention of passerby on roads and highways. Many companies and business-owners are now turning to LED billboards as their medium for advertising because the billboards are cost-effective and have ability to attract a large number of customers

So why not use LED billboards to address the environmental issues in our country?

The Philippines was listed by the Global Risk Index 2015 as the number one most affected country by climate change. It is a part of the Ring of Fire and it lacks natural barriers to lessen the impact of an upcoming typhoon or any natural disaster because it is an archipelago. The country suffers from deforestation, soil erosion, and air and water pollution in urban areas, among many others.

This is where the LED billboards can come in handy.

People nowadays have a short attention span so it is important to catch that attention in order to effectively impart a message. LED billboards can do just that. These boards are almost impossible to ignore because they show bright and colorful moving images complete with special effects in a large screen. Colors like red, blue and green are proven to stir specific emotions in people, which can create brand association and motivating purchases and even actions in the case of public service awareness (PSA) videos.

LED billboards are also cost-effective since they can flash one advertisement after the other. A company can even sneak in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) relating to the environment in the midst of the advertisements. LED billboards also offer a superior level of visibility, a large amount of different layouts and designs to choose from, and a huge opportunity to switch up your advertisements with little problem. These billboards also don’t need special maintenance crews because they are durable.

LED billboard advertisements can reach out to a wide area and to thousands of people each day. Many people spend time on the road so consumer decisions are made on the road too. There are even companies who set up LED in areas where traffic is rampant. The information and messages are passed on ceaselessly and frequently, which can be very useful to spread the awareness and, possibly, increase the motivation to take action.

However, there are some who don’t approve of the use of LED billboards mostly because the lights coming from these billboards can distract the drivers while driving. This can be remedied by not placing LED billboards near dangerous intersections and curves to avoid accidents from happening.

The important thing is to impart the message among the audience that Mother Nature needs us to help her make it through climate change. In terms of spreading awareness and increasing motivation, LED billboards can help with that, especially in today’s society where everything is fast paced and dependent on technology.

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