Avail Any of These Interactive Kiosks from your LED Supplier in the Philippines!

Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2016

One popular marketing device is the interactive kiosk. Through this technological innovation, entrepreneurs can improve customer experience and utilize their manpower effectively at a low cost! This is why plenty of companies are now investing in this beneficial device. Before paying your LED supplier in the Philippines a visit though, make sure that you understand the different types of kiosks first.


Below are some of the various types of interactive kiosks. Learn and understand how each of them work in order to know which of them will suit your needs best.


Information Interactive Kiosks


One type of interactive kiosk is the information kiosk. This device is designed to provide consumers with information that would help them know more about a certain brand or product.


You can use the information kiosk in many industries; in the healthcare industry, medical facilities use this type of kiosk to help patients and their families learn more about certain procedures, medications, and diseases. Meanwhile, in retail and showrooms, you can use an information kiosk to enlighten the public about the various products and services that your company offers. Even the government can use this type of interactive kiosk! To aid tourism, government officials can install information kiosks in select prominent landmarks to aid their endeavor to spread knowledge about the country’s heritage and culture.


Wayfinding Interactive Kiosks


Aside from providing consumers with information, interactive kiosks are also sometimes used for giving directions. The wayfinding kiosk is a device that you will usually find near a mall entrance. It was also designed to provide consumers with useful information, but specifically with regards to direction only.


The wayfinding kiosk is usually installed inside large buildings and compounds to help people navigate the whole place by giving 2D or 3D directions. Aside from malls, you can also use this type of interactive kiosk in airports to help passengers and their families navigate busy terminals in search of their loved ones. Similarly, wayfinding kiosks can also be utilized in large universities to aid students – especially new ones – and potential enrollees in traversing crowded hallways on their way to their class or the admin office.


Self-Service Interactive Kiosks


Compared to the first two, a self-service kiosk offers more diverse functions to consumers. This type of interactive kiosk can be used for several things such as making a payment, scheduling a reservation, updating medical records, and more!


Plenty of industries use self-service kiosks. One prominent example is the use of Automated Teller Machines or ATM in the banking industry. Self-service is the type of interactive kiosk used for ATM machines – a device designed for money withdrawal and depositing purposes. Aside from that, self-service kiosks are also utilized in the healthcare and education industries. Even private corporations find this type of interactive kiosk helpful! There are companies that make use of self-service kiosks for registration purposes and as a quick and effective way of updating the records of their employees.



Information, wayfinding, and self-service interactive kiosks are all beneficial and helpful in different ways. Before contacting your LED supplier in the Philippines or anywhere in the world, make sure to assess your company’s needs first so you can purchase the interactive kiosk that will suit your needs best.

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