The Different Uses of LED Video Wall Displays

Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2016


The innovation of LED displays in the Philippines and all over the world consequently led to the birth of video walls. Through technology, different industries are now able to maximize their LED screens to fulfill different purposes that are beneficial one way or another.

LED video walls are a collection of coordinated displays that can exhibit one large image or various small graphics. Its unique functions are what makes it such an effective marketing tool, as well as an advantageous office device. If you want to utilize LED video walls for your company’s needs, here are its different uses that you should be aware of:

Visual Aid during Presentations

Impress your prospective clients by projecting your presentation through LED video walls. The larger visuals will allow everyone in a packed room to see every detail in your report regardless of their proximity to the screens. Utilizing available technological tools like video walls sends a positive message to your clients; it shows that your company is taking steps to improve efficiency in the workplace, in order to serve the customers better.


Communicating Information to the Mass

You can use various mediums of communication to relay your message to the mass. However, some of them are not applicable for the data that you want to relate to the public. Like flight details for instance; airports can install radio speakers all over their building but integrating video walls is still a better alternative when it comes to spreading information about flight details. This huge device is a more appealing way of displaying data for travellers to view.

Projecting Live Events

In a packed sports arena or concert stadium, it is sometimes difficult for people in the back to see the happenings onstage. To improve the viewing experience of the audience, event organizers rely on video walls to project the action live so that people who are situated from afar can enjoy the occasion with everybody else. Since video walls can also display separate graphics, they are ideal for sporting events where they are used to display statistics or scores, alongside a preview of the highlights of the game.


Brand Promotion

Companies can also make use of video walls to promote their brand to a wide audience. Try mounting it in your building’s lobby to entertain visitors and clients alike with the display of creative video ads. During activation events, you can again make use of video walls to market your brand and spread awareness about your products and services. This huge display will surely grab the attention of passers-by and pique their interest. Just make sure to display catchy content in order to retain their attention and interest them into checking your booth.

Encourage Social Media Interaction

Do you want to be the talk of the town? One good way of encouraging interaction online is by displaying your social media feeds through video walls. If your restaurant has a marketing event at one of the branches, use this device to project your social media timelines for your customers to see. This will encourage store visitors to join the activities that you prepared and share their experience online in the hopes that their messages to be flashed on the video walls as well.

A video wall is an advantageous device that you can use to serve different purposes. Whether you are an event organizer trying to improve audience experience or a marketing executive at a prominent company, video walls can help you reach your goals.

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