Using LED Screens for Sporting Events

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

LED screens in the Philippines are used for various purposes, one of which is sporting events. Basketball, boxing, and other sports events are always flocked by hundreds of fans – a testament to our passion for all things athletic. Since plenty of people always attend games, it would be reasonable for organizers of such events to try and enhance the audience experience through tools like LED displays.


The use of digital billboards has proliferated to a point where it is being used in sports events. As a sports event organizer, you should know how you can use LED screens to enhance the overall experience of your audience, as well as your profit.




Provide Unique Audience Experience


Use LED displays to provide your audience with a unique viewing experience. Stadiums are pretty big and sometimes, the people at the very back have a hard time really seeing the action as it unfolds in the field. Fortunately, with the use of LED screens, you can address this issue. You can display the game as it happens live so that everyone – even the audience at the rearmost part of the stadium – can see the exciting happenings in perfect clarity.


Try zooming in on the athletes, especially when a star player does a fantastic play. This will help enhance the viewing experience of the audience since they can clearly see the players as they make a goal, shoot a 3-pointer, or knock out the opponent. Afterwards, display a replay of the powerful play to keep the momentum going. It will surely keep your audience on their feet!


Use it As an Advertising Tool


LED screens are usually used for advertising purposes in the Philippines. Why not do the same for your sporting event? Holding a sports-related affair can be costly. Aside from the venue, there are plenty of expenses and factors to consider. To ensure the occasion’s success, you’ll have to get some sponsors and maybe even partner with renowned companies. In addition, you can also offer advertising opportunities to certain marketers.


Using LED screens, promote your sponsors, advertisers, and partner companies to your viewers. Maybe you can flash their logos before and after the show. During breaks, play short ads to entertain the audience, while helping your advertisers reach consumers effectively! This way, you can increase profit while ensuring that your viewers are having the time of their lives.




Improve Audience Engagement


Do you know that by improving audience engagement, you are also increasing your profits? Try to extend the event by holding interviews with fans as well as the athletes. Display the live question and answer segment on the LED screens and your audience will surely stay. While standing around, watching as reporters ask one question after another to lucky funs or their favorite players, they will need something to snack on or drink – improving your food sales!


Another reason why you should try to stretch your event is because it will give you more opportunities to promote your brand. Your viewers are your target audience and this is a chance to further interact with them and get them to patronize your brand. Try marketing your next event by inviting them to buy tickets for the next game or maybe you can build a stall that sells your merchandise inside the venue. Longer time with the audience also means more advertising spots. Really, by lengthening your sporting event, you are increasing your revenue.



LED screens in the Philippines can be very versatile. You can use it to serve various purposes and in different events, even a sports-related one! If you are a sports organizer, take note of the different ways that you can use digital displays to your advantage.

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