Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Interactive Kiosks

Posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Interactive kiosks are one of the most advantageous devices out there. They are multi-function which means that they can be used to do several things like for customers to view certain products, know more about discounts, and register to an ongoing promo. Basically, they offer plenty of benefits which is why plenty of retail owners buy kiosks from their LED supplier in the Philippines.

Despite this, there are still some doubts surrounding interactive kiosks. These hearsays prevent store owners from finally purchasing one of these machines and making a positive change to their businesses. If you are one of them, this article will help debunk your fears and false beliefs about interactive kiosks.


Myth No. 1: Interactive Kiosks Costs a Lot

It is true that you need to invest a hefty amount of money in order to purchase an interactive kiosk. Despite this, the installation of these machines will still bring more good than damage to your business. In hindsight, you’ll realize that kiosks can actually help you save money especially when implemented properly. Interactive kiosks can help speed up and improve customer service, as well as the efficiency of your manpower.

Upon the installation of kiosks in your store, you can reassign the tasks and responsibilities of your employees. Instead of handling mundane tasks such as promo registration and information dissemination, your employees can focus on more important tasks that need their attention. As a result, your business will take a break from compensating so many employees and your manpower can shift their focus on tasks that would more helpful in cultivating their skills and talent. In addition, your customers will also be delighted with a faster service from you! All in all, everyone is happy. You might pay a considerable amount for interactive kiosks but since return of investment from kiosks is often high, you can immediately make up for the amount that you used to pay for your interactive kiosks in the first place.

Myth No. 2: Interactive Kiosks Replace Employees

Upon the absence of devices that can help improve business efficiency – like kiosks – the employees are usually tasked to fulfill mundane responsibilities. However, once kiosks are purchased and installed in your store, it can help accomplish some of the tasks that you normally designate to your manpower. Some people take this to mean that kiosks are replacing employees and killing jobs. This is false.

On the contrary, an interactive kiosk can be your employees’ best friend. How? Well, since the less complex tasks are performed by kiosks, employees can now focus on other important tasks. These presumably more complex tasks will help develop your employees’ skills and abilities. This means that instead of walking around the shop to explain every product you have to the customers, your employee can focus on honing his marketing, advertising, and other skills needed to perform his job. Since kiosks cut the costs of running a company, you can allocate your money to train your employees or maybe expand your business. Instead of cutting jobs, proper implementation of interactive kiosks actually help create them!

interactive kiosks in a line

Myth No. 3: Interactive Kiosks are Difficult to Use

One of the myths surrounding interactive kiosks is the belief that they are difficult to use. If a foreigner wound up at your store and wanted to use your interactive kiosk to check the promos or know more about the services you offer, will she be able to access your kiosk without difficulty? After all, if a foreigner or a handicapped person visits your shop and they are unable to use your kiosk, then you have a problem.

Don’t worry because interactive kiosks these days come with multi-lingual functions. The instructions for using them are pretty easy and sometimes, there are even graphics to match! This means that anyone can easily understand how to operate interactive kiosks. They do not require a higher understanding of computers in order for your customers to be able to use them.

An interactive kiosks is an advantageous device that can help business owners in several ways. Despite this, there are still a few people who remain doubtful of the effectivity of kiosks especially because of the myths that they heard about the device. Read the debunked myths above to help remove your fears and help you learn more about interactive kiosks.

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