Why You Need to Buy an Interactive Kiosk From Your LED Supplier in the Philippines

Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Through the years, we learned to utilize technology to serve different purposes. Just look at LED screens in the Philippines — they are not only used as computer monitors or televisions, they are also used as tools for advertising! Another flexible innovation are interactive kiosks. Plenty of advertisers and retailers benefit from kiosks because they can be used for marketing, entertainment, and informative purposes.
Truly, interactive kiosks are just as advantageous as other prominent advertising and marketing devices right now like LED billboards and signage. Despite this, some companies are still hesitant to invest in interactive kiosks. If you are one of the doubtful few, here are some of the reasons why you should buy an interactive kiosk from your LED supplier.



Reduces Cost

Interactive kiosks can help you reduce costs. How? You can install information on one of these machines. May it be information about the products you sell, different offers and promos that you are currently offering, or just a short introduction about your company, you can store them all in your interactive kiosk. Basically, it’s like training an employee. Don’t you train a personnel before he starts work? You give him the necessary information about your products so that he can make a pitch to prospective clients, information about the company, and promos that he can offer customers walking around the store. The only difference is that interactive kiosks don’t take breaks and you only have to pay for them once, upon purchase.

Upgrades Customer Service

Customer service is crucial because it can influence the customer to make a purchase or leave your store. As a store manager, how can you improve your customer service? The answer is, by installing interactive kiosks in your shop. You can use kiosks to serve various purposes. Customers can use kiosks to view information about the products you offer, check discounts and sales, or register to an ongoing promo. One kiosk can serve several functions! This means that with just one machine, you can attend to the various needs of your customers. In result, the customer buying experience also improves. Since information is easily obtained through kiosks, customers don’t have to wait for an available personnel so they can ask about a certain product. They can check all the information they want through kiosks and proceed to the checkout line immediately! Through installing kiosks in your store, you can lessen the hassle of making a purchase. Instead, it can be quick, easy, and fun!


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Utilizes Manpower Effectively

If kiosks can do basic tasks such as inform customers of discounts, promos, and information about the products, does that mean that you can replace all of your employees with interactive kiosks? No. Although interactive kiosks can seve several functions, they cannot totally replace human employees. Instead of using them to replace your employees, use kiosks to compliment your manpower. Utilize your interactive kiosks to perform basic tasks and delegate the more complex ones to your employees. This way, your employees can focus on important tasks that would hone their skills and make good use of their talents.


Truly, interactive kiosks can be beneficial, not only for business owners, but for employees everywhere. They help reduce your company’s costs, improves customer service, and helps you utilize your manpower effectively! Purchase an interactive kiosk fro your business now!

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