Factors to Consider When Buying an LED Display in the Philippines

Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2016

One of the most effective ways to spread information and make your brand memorable to the public is by buying an LED display in the Philippines. Through these gigantic screen displays, you can spread your message to your target audience without difficulty. This will help your brand’s top of mind awareness and increase your visibility.


Since the use of digital displays in the country is currently spreading like wildfire, you’ll find plenty of stores selling LED displays. Before you go traipsing into the closest store near you, you have to consider these factors first:


audience in front of led display led screen


The Target Audience


Before buying an LED display, it’s important to consider who will be your audience. Crate a profile of your target market. Ask yourselves the following question: where do they live? Are they commuters or do they drive private cars? Which road do they usually travel to get to work? How close will they be to the sign? Answering these questions will give you an idea not only about your target audience, but about the LED screen you need as well. This will help you when crafting a plan to get your audience’s attention. Most of all, it will also help you determine which specifications your digital display should have. Remember that the LED display you choose will have a huge bearing when it comes to your campaign.


The Message


One of the things that you have to consider before buying an LED display is the content that you plan to use. What message will you be putting in the LED screen? Knowing beforehand will help you decide whether you need a digital display for billboard or signage purposes. If you need a billboard, then you should purchase a display that is huge enough to be seen by plenty of people within wide vicinity. One the other hand, if you need a screen display for signage purposes that you can use in your street, then it’s alright to get a smaller size. You should also consider the content of your message; if it is going to feature graphics, videos, or purely text.


flower monochrome color


Colored Vs. Black and White


Now that you have an idea of who your target market is, what your message is going to be, and whether you need a billboard or signage, it’s time to move on to colors. Plenty of digital displays in the market right now are capable of displaying different colors. Despite this, there are also LED signs out there that are monochromatic. If you want a signage, there are LED signs in the market that displays black and white images and text only. They might be available at a lower price compared to colored LED signs but don’t just buy one immediately without considering your content. If your message can be displayed in monochrome without affecting its capability to catch your audience’s attention, then by all means, by a monochrome display now. However, if color enhances your content to a point where it will look boring without them, then you should avail a colored display.



Contrary to what people might think, the factors that you have to consider before buying an LED display is not limited to the specifications of the display itself. Instead, you also have to consider the message that you want to convey, the content of the message, your target audience’s profile, and the ability of an LED display to display colors.

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