Out of Home Advertising Trends this 2016 that You Should Know About

Posted on Monday, March 7, 2016

A new year has commenced. We have yet to see if the use of LED billboards for digital advertising reasons in the Philippines will continue to proliferate this year. It’s a big possibility. After all, it’s one of the best ways to improve brand awareness. Aside from digital billboards, marketers all over the world are curious about how various out of home advertising tools can help change the advertising game this year.

If you are among these curious advertisers, check the different advertising trends this 2016 which involves out of home tools.

Digital Out of Home Will Continue to Reign

Yes folks, digital out of home advertising tools such as LED billboards will continue to flourish this year. Since people continue to spend more of their time outside or in transit, there’s no doubt that the use of LED billboards to catch the attention of consumers will still be a hit this year. If you are hesitant about buying LED billboard spots before, well it’s time to try it now. A study by YuMe and IPG Media Lab shows that 41% of consumers are more receptive to advertising in public places instead of at home. Meanwhile, 16% of consumers are more receptive to advertising when they are at work or at school instead of at home.

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OOH Is the Perfect Partner for Online Ads

Have you ever tried posting an online ad? Sure, it’s pretty easy to create and run one but in reality, a lot goes on before your online ad appears on the search page. If you are having difficulties with your online ad, it’s time to get some back up in the form of out of home ads! Using digital billboards, alert your target audience to a social media promo or a website page that you want them to visit. Basically, consumers can see your ads when they are surfing the internet and when they are out, travelling. It’s the perfect set up since people are spending more time glued to their mobile devices and outside of their homes!

Creativity and Critical Thinking Is Still Important

There are plenty of articles about the importance of creativity in advertising. Make sure to read them all this year because creativity continues to be an important aspect in advertising – especially in out of home advertising. Don’t just pay attention to creativity though, make sure to use those critical thinking skills of yours when crafting a digital billboard ad. Take into consideration the location of the ad when designing the copy of your ad. Also, don’t forget to check the best typeface and colors that would fit your ad appropriately. Remember, that your advertisement has to really be attention-grabbing; otherwise, your target audience won’t pay attention to it.


Consumers Want Interaction

It would seem that everything is digital these days. Everything – from the way we transmit messages to the way we search for information – is done through electronic means. This is probably why consumers are now craving real interactions. This means that advertisers are encouraged to create live events to promote their products or services. In fact, in a study by The Even Marketing Institute, 93% of consumers said that they find live events much more effective compared to TV ads. In addition, an astounding 89% said live events helped them know more and truly understand a product or service compared to other means of advertising. This means that it’s time for marketers to set up gatherings that would interest their target audience. While you’re at it, remember to use other digital devices that would help make your event a success, like interactive kiosks. Kiosks can be used to help explain a product or service further.

Did the information above help you get ready for 2016? Make sure to take note of the trends above before creating a campaign to help ensure the effectivity of you advertisement.

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