LED Billboard Advertising Tips: Rules for Effective Use of Digital Signage

Posted on Friday, March 4, 2016

Both LED signage and LED billboard are used for advertising purposes in the Philippines. Through proper use, both tools can be used to promote, drive sales, or increase brand awareness. Using digital billboards or signage, a company can ensure that their brand is always in the forefront of their target audience’s mind.


Like LED billboards, there are different ways to use digital signage to your advantage. The problem, however, is if you do not know how to leverage LED signage for a successful marketing campaign. In this case, you are only wasting your digital signage’s potential impact on your business. To avoid this, take note of these tips; they will help you use your digital signage effectively.




Tailor Your Content for LED Signage


LED signage comes in different sizes. Make sure that the content you plan on using to your newly bought signage is tailored to its size. This is especially true when the content you will be using is already being used for other advertising tools like digital billboards. In this case, remember to edit the content to fit the smaller display of your LED signage. Take note of the features that your signage has; for instance, your digital signage might not have audio but it can display videos. With this knowledge, you can now start creating content that would take advantage of its available features.


Make Your Content Visually Appealing


What is the goal of your advertising campaign? You can use your digital signage to increase brand awareness, encourage sales, or just provide information about a specific product. Whatever the goal may be, your content must always be visually appealing. Your target audience will never pay attention to your digital signage, much less try to understand your message if they find the content lacking. A catchy content will grab your audience’s attention but it is the lively content that keeps them interested and watching.


Keep Your Message Short


It is no secret that at this day and age, everything is fast-paced. Since information is just in the palm of your hands, it is so easy for you to search for the nearest restaurant and even less time to get there. In order for you to achieve your goal, you have to match your target audience’s pace. This means that your message should be short; something that consumers can view and grasp in a short amount of time. It’s likely that no matter how interesting your content may be, people won’t stand in front of your signage for ten minutes just so they can see how your video ends. Instead of making long messages, try cutting down your content into several individual pieces that viewers can grasp in no time at all.




Mind the Location


In order to reach your goal, you have to place your LED signage strategically. If you are using the signage to offer more information regarding your products, then make sure to place it near your products. On the other hand, if you are going to show an animated video that explains more about your company, then you should probably put your LED signage in the reception area. That way, returning customers and prospective clients alike can learn more about your brand as they enter your store.



An LED signage is an important advertising tool that one can use to achieve various goals. Follow the rules above in order to use your digital signage in an effective manner that will result to a successful marketing campaign.

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