The Many Uses of LED Displays

Posted on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

An LED display in the Philippines is often used for television viewing purposes most of the time. Despite this, there are actually many uses for this modern display. Right now, people are deliberately realizing the benefits of using LED displays in advertising; the appearance of digital billboards along major highways can attest to that.

This integration of LED displays in the world of advertising brought a lot of positive effects. The same can happen once Filipinos learned how to apply digital displays in several other industries. Take note of the different uses of LED displays below.


Sports Arenas

Every year, millions of Filipinos attend various sports events. From basketball to boxing, volleyball, and football, there is no doubt that sports are a big part of our daily lives. In fact, we even make it a point to televise and live stream major events!

It’s a blast to watch a game in itself. Despite this, there are still ways to enhance the experience of the audience, as well as the players – and that is by installing LED displays. Sometimes, it’s difficult for people at the very back of the stadium to see what is happening on the court or field. By using digital displays, every audience in the arena can now watch the action clearly wherever they may be seated. Not only that, they can also relive heart-stopping plays through replays on those gigantic screens. Through LED displays, every 3-pointer shoot, spike, or goal are viewed and celebrated clearly.


Bars and Clubs

Bars and clubs attract patrons who want to go for a drink or two after a long day of work or go dancing just for the heck of it. There is an abundance of them in the country and they are all fighting for the customers’ attention. If you own an establishment like this and you want to lure patrons away from your competitor’s club and into yours, you should try installing LED displays.

You probably spend a lot of money on a good DJ, why not enhance the experience? Through digital displays, you can provide background graphics that match every thump of the beat coming out of those expensive speakers. Now, you don’t only have great music in your club, you also have the visual to compliment it. With the help of the DJ’s music, you can use your LED displays to set the look and mood of your club every night!


Music Festivals

There are plenty of amazing music acts in the country right now, especially with the emergence of talent search TV shows for singers. In turn, there are also plenty of music festivals and concerts held locally, that allows bands and singers to showcase their musical gifts. Flocks of Filipinos attend these events, filling up arenas to the brim. In cases like this, it’s difficult for the people at the back to see the band on stage. Good thing, there are LED displays.

Digital displays are becoming a regular thing on music gigs. This is because these huge screens allow everyone – from the people in front, up to the ones at the very back – to enjoy their favorite singers as they perform live on stage. It makes gigs much more enjoyable for everyone who attends concerts.


Cinema and Theater

Back then, cinemas used projectors for film viewing. These days, it’s easier and cheaper to pay for an LED display. Although it’s more expensive than a projector, it lasts longer and is energy efficient. Not only that, you can use LED displays for both indoor and outdoor cinemas with no problem.

Digital displays can also be used for theater backdrops. This allows you to cut set design and props cost without affecting the quality of the play. If you want, instead of using your display as backdrop, you can use it instead to provide a good view of the stage for people at the back. This will ensure that everyone in the audience have the chance to be entertained and enjoy the show.

LED displays are prominently used for advertising purposes. Despite this, it actually has plenty of other uses which don’t involve promoting or selling a product or service. This only proves that digital displays are beneficial for every business in several industries.

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