Tips from Your LED Supplier: Comparing LED Light box to Fluorescent Light box

Posted on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

In advertising, it’s not enough to produce ads. If you want a successful campaign, your ads have to be noticed by the public. Posters, for instance, have been an advertising tool for a long time. Up until now, companies still use them to market their products and services. If hundreds of brands use posters to promote their brand, how will you stand out? There are different ways, but you can start by purchasing a light box from your LED supplier in the Philippines.

A light box is a flat box with one transparent side. You can place your poster inside it and, through LED or fluorescent, illuminate your advertisement. Basically, it can turn a simple poster into an attention-grabbing display! Before you rush out to buy a light box though, you have to know which you prefer first: LED light box or fluorescent light box. Compare the two and then make a decision.

LED Light Box


In terms of stability, there’s a huge difference between LED and fluorescent light boxes. If you buy a fluorescent light box, you have to accept that you’ll have to replace its lights every few years. That’s not the case with an LED light box at all. Plus, it needs less energy and less heat! This means that maintaining an LED light box will probably be easier compared to maintaining its counterpart.


It is important that the light box that you’ll be buying is bright and has good light distribution. Otherwise, what’s the point of buying one, right? In the past, fluorescent light has always beaten LED when it comes to brightness. Though, that is not the case now. Currently, constant innovations have allowed LED to compete with fluorescent – so much so that it is now equal (if not more superior) to fluorescent in terms of illumination.


Durability is one of the important factors to consider when buying a light box. There’s no use in buying a cheap light box if you’ll have to spend a lot of money because it’s not sturdy enough. An LED light box uses light emitting diodes for its illumination and LED has been proven to be durable. In comparison, the bulbs that fluorescent light boxes use can be very fragile. Since they are fragile, you might have to replace them more than you would like, so get your budget ready.

Life Span

It’s no secret that LED light has a long life span. That means that if you buy a light box that uses light emitting diodes for illumination, you probably won’t have to worry about buying a replacement for several years. The question now is whether fluorescent can compete with that or not. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Fluorescent cannot compare with the 100,000 hours that LED light box can provide you.


The cost is probably the most important factor when buying a light box. After all, some people would readily dismiss all the other factors such as brightness, life span, and durability, if the product is expensive. Hopefully, you are not one of these people, especially because an LED light box has a more expensive apparent budget compared to fluorescent light box. Wait, what?! Before we proceed further, you have to know the definition of apparent budget first and how it differs from true budget. Apparent budget refers to the initial cost of purchase – meaning the price tag of the light box. On the other hand, true budget refers to the cost wherein other expenses are factored in, like maintenance and energy consumption costs, for instance.

Initially, you’d think that an LED light box is more costly because of its apparent budget. Despite this, when you consider its features like its brightness, durability, and life span, you’ll realize that its true budget might be lower compared to fluorescent light box. This means that an LED light box might be cheaper in the long run. In comparison, fluorescent light box has a cheaper apparent budget. In spite of this, when you factor in its maintenance costs and energy consumption, you might find that it has a higher true budget.

When it comes to buying a light box, you have to consider every aspect before making a purchase. In terms of cost, make sure that you are not investing on the wrong product by choosing something that has low apparent budget, but later on proves to be more expensive. An LED light box might have a higher apparent budget, but its true budget reveals that it is more advantageous compared to its counterpart.

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