Myths About LED Signage

Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

There are always new trends in advertising, and to be able to compete, you have to learn how to adapt to those changes. One thing that’s becoming prominent lately is the use of LED for digital advertising purposes in the Philippines. Several companies are now including the use of different LED displays to catch the attention of their target market.

While some entrepreneurs are more than willing to include LED advertising in their marketing campaigns, some are a little hesitant. In some cases, people misunderstand facts about digital displays due to unreliable sources. For instance, you have probably heard a lot of people talk about LED signage – some of which are negative. If you want to know if you can really use them for a successful campaign, you need to debunk these myths about LED signage.

LED Billboards

Myth No. 1: LED Signage is Difficult to See in Broad Daylight

The belief that LED signage is difficult to see in the daylight is false. The traffic lights that adorn our streets and highways are actually made of light-emitting diodes as well. Yep, that’s right. The same material used for LED signage is used in traffic lights. This means that it’s impossible that one can see traffic lights but not LED signage.

Usually, this myth is followed by another myth: that LED signage is too distracting. Remember that LED displays are not just used as signage; it’s sometimes used as billboards and even interactive kiosks. They are often located in public places. This means that if they are too distracting or the leading cause of car accidents, then it probably would have been banned. As it is, everyone’s still free to use it which means that it’s safe.

Myth No. 2: LED Signage is Forever

There is a lot of talk regarding the life span of LED displays. If you are planning to buy an LED signage, then perhaps you have done a bit of research and have come across an article or two about the life span of LED displays.

The thing is, for some people, the statement “LED displays are long-lasting” means “LED displays will last forever”. This is nothing but myth. Like a lot of things, digital displays have a definite life span. For a lot of manufacturers, this life span is 100, 000 hours and, depending on when you use it, it can last for more than 20 years!

Myth No. 3: LED Signage Are Too Expensive

The truth is not all LED signage are priced the same. Depending on some factors, they can be cheap or expensive.

If you are looking for an LED signage as big as a football stadium, that might cost you a hefty amount of money.  But if you are aiming for something smaller, then you can probably find an LED display that won’t cost you that much. So trust that no matter how much your budget is, there is probably an LED signage for you.

It’s time to consider including LED signage in your advertising campaigns. But before you do so, make sure that you understand every aspect regarding digital displays to avoid future problems. Hopefully, the list above helped clarify some of the misconceptions surrounding LED signage.

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